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  1. Are you aiming for a high score on the IELTS?
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  4. Do you hope to work in an International Company?
  5. Do you dream of studying abroad?
  6. Do you want to make more money?

If You Answered "YES" To Any of These Questions


Hey! I'm Ryan and I Will Get You Fluent Fast!

I became fluent in Italian in 6 months! 

Do you dream of speaking English fluently as I quickly as I learned Italian? Then I am the perfect teacher for you.

I have over ten years experience teaching English and have helped hundreds of students to pass the IELTS with high band scores.

As a language learner I know how you feel when you speak English, I know how it feels to not understand people, I understand the struggle, anxiety and stress. I’m not just a teacher, but I’m also a student like you. 

I have helped thousands of students over the years to improve their English quickly, building vocabulary by having fun with the language, understanding grammar with ease and learning to be confident speaking English.

When I was in school I failed French and German. I barely passed my Irish exam. I thought languages weren’t for me. 

Then I ended up in Italy without much planning and found myself somewhere that English was not spoken and I had to adapt quick. 

I read every book I could find about language learning. I read about neuroscience and neurolinguistics to understand how the human brain learns languages. 

After reading everything I could find, I developed a plan to learn Italian, and to do it fast! 

Once I passed my C1 exam I realised I had to start teaching my students my new method of language learning and it worked!

My students became more confident, they spoke more fluently and spoke like natives!

Now I’m sharing these techniques with you, to help you pass the IELTS and achieve your dreams of living abroad, working for an international company, making more money or whatever you need English for!

Are You Ready To Get Fluent Fast AND Achieve Your Dreams?

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What Do I Offer You Today? ➜
IELTS Made Easy: The Complete Success Guide

A course for anyone who is serious about passing the IELTS exam.


Don't Just Pass, Be The Best!

While most courses focus solely on passing the exam, we go further. We pinpoint where students typically lose marks and provide simple, effective strategies to improve those areas quickly. This isn’t just about passing; it’s about excelling.


The Most Complete Course Available

With comprehensive coverage of all IELTS sections, detailed strategies for improvement, and insider tips, this is the most complete IELTS preparation course you’ll find anywhere. Whether it’s Reading, Writing, Listening, or Speaking, we’ve got you covered.


Insider Knowledge

Having friends who are IELTS examiners gives me unique insights into the exam’s inner workings. This course teaches you not just what to study, but how to think like an examiner. You’ll learn exactly what they look for and how to impress them in every section of the exam.

A Course Designed For Success

This course was developed over three years with all materials and lessons already used to help hundreds of students to pass the IELTS exam.


Expert Advice

With over 10 years experience preparing students for the IELTS we know exactly what you need to pass.


Short Lessons

Each lesson is bite sized so you only take in a small amount of information at a time. This makes it easy for you.


Beyond The Exam

You won't just pass the exam, but you will improve your English for work, study and earning money!


Amazing Materials

All of the materials in this course have been used with hundreds of students before you, guaranteeing their quality.


Bonus Materials

This course comes with bonus materials you won't find in other online IELTS courses, designed to help you reach your potential.


Feel Anxious?

It's normal to feel anxious in the IELTS exam but don't worry, I've included materials to help you learn to stay calm and speak like a pro!

Do You Want Expert Advice, Amazing Materials, To Speak Fluently AND Overcome Anxiety?


What You Will Learn

Speak like a native
Learn to avoid common errors
Master Part Two

Techniques: Skim and Scan
Learn to find the answers fast!
Prepare the most common topics

Increase your vocabulary
Write like a professional
Understand graphs and maps

Improve listening fast
Learn to enjoy listening
Hints and tips to improve score

Increase score with ease
Complex grammar made easy
Quickly master complex grammar

Official academic word list
Using the vocabulary common to IELTS
Avoiding grammar mistakes

My Framework For IELTS Success

Why My Students Love This Course

Grow Vocab FAST!

Improve listening fast
Learn to enjoy listening
Hints and tips to improve score

Easy To Follow Steps!

Improve listening fast
Learn to enjoy listening
Hints and tips to improve score

Grade Boosting Advice!

Improve listening fast
Learn to enjoy listening
Hints and tips to improve score

Client Testimonials

I recently completed Ryan's IELTS preparation course, and I couldn't be happier with the results! The course was incredibly detailed, covering every aspect of the IELTS exam. I loved the flexibility of studying at my own pace, which allowed me to balance studying with work and university lessons.

Ryan's explanations were clear and easy to follow, and the practice exercises were super helpful. His example essays in the Reading section were AMAZING! Thanks to this course, I achieved a score of 8.5 in the exam and next year I will be studying in Nottingham University. I highly recommend this course to anyone aiming for a high score.



Ryan's IELTS course was a game-changer for me. The course materials were comprehensive and well-structured, making it easy to understand even the most challenging parts of the exam. He makes complex grammar so easy, I couldn't believe it! I spent years in school trying to understand things such as relative clauses and the subjunctive mood and Ryan made me understand them in ten minutes.

I scored a 6 and a 6.5 before taking Ryan's course and I needed to get a band level 7.5 this time or would not get my visa. I spent a lot of money failing the IELTS exam twice and taking other preparation courses but this course saved my life! The video lessons are great as it allowed me to focus on areas where I needed the most improvement and I spent a lot of time rewatching the lessons that I needed to understand the most.

I'm thrilled to say that I scored 9 in the IELTS exam! Which as you can imagine was way beyond my expectations.

Thank you so much Ryan!


Guangzhou, China

I am so grateful for Ryan's IELTS preparation course. It was exactly what I needed to achieve my desired score.

The course is super thorough, covering all four sections of the IELTS exam in great detail before entering the second half of the course which is all about increasing your band score in the easiest ways possible.

The materials are absolutely amazing. There are so many questions and example answers that by the time I finished answering all the questions I was able to start again from the beginning and it was like doing the questions for the first time.

Ryan's teaching style is engaging and effective. With his guidance, I managed to score 7.5 in the IELTS exam. I highly recommend this course to anyone serious about improving their IELTS score.

I would pay for this course again just for the materials!



Here's What You Get

12 Modules that are broken down into short simple lessons
of 3 to 4 minutes each.

I will teach you how to get at least a band score 7.5 in each section of the exam –

Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. 

I will then you provide you with my famous materials that my students have used for years to achieve high scores in the IELTS!

You will learn how to use complex grammar to increase your scores. 

I will show you how to avoid the most common errors that students make so that you don’t lose points.

I will clearly show you how to use your vocabulary to increase your score and to help you stand out from the other students.

What are my famous materials?

PDFs for each section of the IELTS

Over 100 Speaking topics to practise – WITH EXAMPLE ANSWERS!

22 workbooks for the Reading section with OVER 1000 exam questions! – WITH EXAMPLE ANSWERS!

PLUS 18 Reading bonus workbooks to help you improve your reading skills FAST!

60 essay questions for the Writing section – WITH EXAMPLE ESSAY ANSWERS!

A video lesson and workbook showing how to answer questions about maps.

BONUS handouts about increasing VOCABULARY, using complex GRAMMAR and using MODAL VERBS!

Frequently Asked Questions

You need at least a level B1 (IELTS Band Level 4)

Yes, you have full access to the course for one year and you can keep the materials forever!

No. All lessons are pre-recorded which means you don’t have to wait for the teacher and you don’t have to listen to other students ask questions. You can study at your own pace and receive all of my best IELTS advice and information at any time that you want it! 

Unlike my other courses, you will not receive a certificate for this course. This course is designed as preparation for the IELTS exam so your certificate will be the IELTS!

Both. This course will prepare people for both the academic and general exams. There are materials for both exams and the differences between both are highlighted in the video lessons. 

This course is designed so that most students who take it will not need to take private lessons to help them for the IELTS exam. In the course, I explain how you can find English speakers to speak with without having to pay for a teacher. However some students still prefer to have a teacher to speak with and in that case I offer discounted lessons to students who are registered with my IELTS course. Email me at

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